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Who are we?

Wildcat Development is the One-Stop Shop for complete integrated and customized solutions for the energy and high-tech industries, allowing them to reduce risk and augment their profitability on mission critical projects.

Wildcat Development is an end-to-end technology company with expert teams of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers. Diverse, talented engineering staff empowers us to approach projects from a unique knowledge base, leading to extraordinary accomplishment in creating previously unattainable solutions. Projects regularly range from simple, fast-turn prototypes to complete system design.

Need a product or solution?

Wildcat Development has taken on numerous projects from concept to production. Our blend of engineering utilizes mechanical, electrical, and software all cooperating together to guarantee client fulfillment every time.

Need a technical problem solved?

We are the place. Your needs may not generally require a complete solution. Often, the need might simply be for an existing product to be upgraded, re-engineered or just supported in the field. Wildcat Development has broad experience in accepting responsibility for legacy hardware and software projects with the capacity to take it to the next level.

Who's doing the work?

That's the #1 question customers have these days - where are my designs being developed? India? Russia? Wildcat Development does not outsource abroad. We are a U.S. based organization who keeps your information and designs confidential. Far and away superior, when we design for and with you - you own it! No "catches" or "special libraries" to stress over. We respect and value your business and want Wildcat Development considered first, when you need technology supported or developed/innovation bolstered or created


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Wildcat Development has a complete skill set and can solve most issues with speed and effectiveness. Our current staff includes Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Engineers. Our Engineers have years of [involvement and experience] in:

  • Prototype 3D Printing new
  • Custom control systems
  • Prototype development
  • Schematic design
  • PCB design and layout
  • PLC & microprocessor programming
  • Application development
  • SQL database design
  • Mechanical design
  • Web development & integration

Our onsite test team ensures products are tested and done right the first time!

Our Hybrid Engineering group is a team of specialized engineers. They are cross-trained in Electrical, Mechanical, and Software disciplines. This makes them the ideal choice for commissioning or solving issues identified in the field, on drill rigs or ships. Case after case our Hybrid Engineers have gone offshore to handle installation and integration issues. Demonstrating consistently, the quality of work and mastery our clients have come to expect from Wildcat Development. This gives genuine feelings of serenity knowing that problems and issues will be resolved proficiently and efficiently.


  • HP - Switch Technology Development, Failure Tracking Management System.
  • University of Texas - Campus Wide elevator control and monitoring system.
  • DTC International, Inc. - Subsea technology
  • Holt & Young - Legal Managment System
  • Safety Vision - Design of Realtime Video Management system
  • Stallion Oil - Design and implementation of custom enclosures for Rig networking equipment
  • RMSys - Cellular monitoring system
  • Alert Controls - Low orbit satellite monitoring system
  • Total Safety - Online web catalog and quoting system
  • Halliburton - Drawing progress management system.
  • and many many more...


It goes beyond just being another engineering service firm; we are an extension of your team. The commitment and dedication to a project are more than the monitoring of “client satisfaction.” Delivering a project to us means we were able to manage scope, exceed expectations and bring the client’s vision to life. Our team collaboratively works with clients to improve results and push limits. We are living on the edge of technology doing what has never been done before across industries.

Control System Design Control System Design Control System Design Control System Design

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Prototype 3D Printing

Wildcat is additionally your source of exceptionally fabricated custom parts from rapid prototypes to low-volume production plastic. We provide affordable 3D printing for your custom-designed prototype parts from industrial parts to surgical parts.

We're using PLA/ABS/Dissovable Natural PLA plastic with print resolutions of 100 microns (0.1mm), 250 microns (0.25mm), and 500 micron (0.5mm). Maximum build size for a single color/material is 275mm (w) x 265mm (l) x 240mm (h) (10.75" x 10.75" x 9.5" inches), maximum build size for two colors/materials is 230mm (w) x 265mm (l) x 240mm (h) (9" x 10.75" x 9.5" inches).


Wildcat Development's Electrical Engineering group has broad experience, utilizing the latest tools to develop our client designs. Our experience includes

  • Instrumentation Design

  • Electronic Circuit Design

  • PLC Programming

  • Prototype Development

  • Printed Circuit Board Design

Our design wins have been in a variety of industries including video technology, cellular, satellite, robotics, and network communications.

We work with our clients from concept to production development.


Wildcat development has some of the most experienced mechanical engineers in the industry. We work closely with clients in the following areas:

  • Concept Design

  • Prototype Development

  • Design for Manufacturability

  • Production Planning

  • Prototype 3D Printing

We have close relationships with highly skilled machine shops and specialized resources to produce and deliver innovative designs. Our projects have included PCB Form factors, mechanical housings, subsea components, robotic mechanisms, and custom enclosures.

Wildcat's main mechanical development platform is SolidWorks. to create complex 3D models to guide design from proof of concept to fabrication (as needed) in addition to running simple simulations for stress and functionality. We also provide support for Pro-E and AutoCAD systems based on our client's needs.

Our skills include:

Database Design

Postgres, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite

Application Development

C#, WPF, Visual Basic, VB.NET, C/C++, Perl, Python, Java

Mobile: iPhone, Android, Windows

Xamarin, C#, Xaml, Eclipse

Web Technology

PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, JavaScript

Programmable Logic controllers

Allen Bradley, Siemens

Embedded Microprocessor Development

Cypress PSOC, Microchip PIC, Lattice, ARM

Hybrid Engineers™

Wildcat Development has a one of a kind team which are broadly educated in Electrical, Mechanical, and Software engineering, called "Hybrid Engineers". This team specializes in commissioning and diagnostic operations on drill ships and onshore or offshore rigs. Wildcat continues to assist clients in the integration and resolution of issues across a extensive range of systems.

Our triumphs have been on client locations in South Korea, Japan, Indian Ocean, and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Let our team help bring resolution to your integration issues!


230 Spring Hill Dr.
Suite 300
Spring, Texas 77386

Phone: 281.863.9370
Fax: 281.863.9371

Chad Thibodeaux, VP, Business Development

Misti Jeter, VP Engineering & Operations

David Smith, Founder


230 Spring Hill Dr.
Suite 300
Spring, Texas 77386

Phone: 281.863.9370
Fax: 281.863.9371

Chad Thibodeaux, VP, Business Development

Misti Jeter, VP Engineering & Operations

David Smith, Founder